Cricut Dust Cover

Cathy now has a new Cricut Maker machine and I went over to check it out. We were especially curious to try the new rotary cutter to cut out fabric and decided to try the Cricut Maker Dust Cover pattern available in Cricut Access.

The instructions told us the amount of fabric to purchase and the sizes to cut out of the fabric before putting it through the Cricut Maker.

We were very impressed with the accuracy of the rotary tool and how cleanly it had cut the fabric. So impressed we completely forgot to take a single picture during the process. It was pretty mesmerizing.

Cathy with Cricut Maker

After all the pieces were cut it was time for sewing. I am not great at sewing but Cathy is a master so with her help and instruction I was able to put it all together. It fits the  Cricut Maker perfectly. I’m actually pretty darn proud of how well it turned out.

Cricut Maker Dust Cover

Cricut Maker Dust Cover Pocket

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