Pop Up Panel Birthday Card

I was spending some time on Pinterest when I found a bunch of pictures linking to videos and blog posts about how to make a Pop-Up Panel Card. I immediately loved the card and wanted to make one for my father-in-law’s upcoming birthday.

It was a lot of steps though. A lot of measuring and a lot of pencil marks. Videos over 20-minutes on how to cut score and assemble this card. Now I’m not against putting in some hard work to make a great card, but if I’m going to spend this time to figure out a card, I’m going to figure it out once so I can re-use the pattern.

I took the time to read a blog and watch one of those pop up panel videos and set out to build the pieces needed for this panel card in Cricut Design Space. I have the link to share with you below to use with your Cricut Explore machine. Now we can cut out one of these amazing cards and decorate them up without all the mathy measuring part!

The design space file I have is very basic as it is intended to be a template. You use whatever color papers and add any extra embellishments you desire. Best part of this pattern transfer is I did it all with the design space’s basic shapes. This Cricut design space file can be cut 100% free for all users!

Pop Up Fold Card

Cricut Design Space Template File:  https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/45043341

To put the cut file to the test, I made my father-in-law’s birthday card like I originally planned. I’m super pleased with how this has turned out I really cannot wait to use this file again!

Here is the key to the different cut layers:

  • The white cuts are to be cut out of cardstock to be the sturdy base of the card.
  • The black cuts are decorative backing paper.
  • The grey cut is a more neutral color solid cardstock. This is where people will sign the card so you want to make sure they have a space to do so that can be read.
  • The beige cuts are to be the centerpiece and focus of the design. The front of the card and little panel sentiments.

Pop Up Panel Glue Instructions

For assembly the only tricky part that is not immediately clear is for the center pop out strip you only want to glue the bottom half on one side and top half on the other side. I know I would have been tempted to glue the whole thing down. This allows it to fold up so it is important to the function of the card. Otherwise the assembly is pretty straightforward.

Pop Up Panel Card

Pop Up Panel Card



And here’s a view of the card in motion!

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Pop-Up Panel Card made with my cricut explore

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  1. Thank you so much, I have been looking at pop up panel cards to do and the thought of working out all the dimensions was putting me off, I can’t wait to do this for my friend, am always thinking of how to do new style cards. Made an exploding box last year so hopefully this will have equal ‘wow’ factor. Thank you again…your card looks fantastic!


  2. I made one of these last year following a video. I wanted to make another one and went looking for the directions again and came across your post. I’m going to download your file and give it a try! Thank you for taking all the work out of it for me!



  3. Thanks so much!! That looks fabulous. I’ve always wanted to try this card but have not had enough time to go through the videos of it.
    Your template with save me huge amounts of time! Thanks!


  4. Chris Wilson says:

    Hi I love these cards and have made quite a few the hard way, is it possible to get this pattern for scan n cut machine as I don’t have a cricut. Thanks Chris


    • virginnia winstead says:

      How do I say I LOVE THEE. Looked @ many many vids & read everything about this card) for last ten days. (Just when I had almost abandoned all hope, and still had some hair I hadn’t pulled out , along came YOU.). No one provided link to DS, nor explained the popup mechanism as well as you did. I finally completed one successfully. I held my breath as I folded my card. SUCCESS! I want to make some adjustments to main body because I want to use larger panel (the part with 4 positions). Any advice?


    • virginnia winstead says:

      To Chris Wilson…in case no one answered you, just print, then scan into SnC. Voila! It’s now in SnC to use.


  5. My google search finally landed me here. I think I love you! This is just the one I need. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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