Pikachu Pop-Up Pokéball Card

I’ve mentioned before how my office is playing and enjoying the new Pokémon GO mobile game and I’ve made other Pokémon items that I’ve shared here on the blog. I put together this card file in the Cricut Design Space App for IPad and cut it out using my Cricut Explore machine.

This card I made for another co-worker’s birthday. I am sharing the Cricut Design Space file with you below.

Pikachu Card

And on the inside when you open the card up a Pokéball pops up!

Pop Up Pokeball

Because Pokémon are made up of some pretty basic shapes, I was able to make this card in design spacing using entirely FREE images. You do not need a subscription to Cricut Access™ or have any purchased files to use this design space file. Enjoy!

Cricut Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/44671488

Pikachu Pop Up Pokeball Card



  1. Hi
    Is there a specific tutorial for this card please???


    • Hi Deb,

      This card was made using a Cricut papercutting machine. The link above to the design space file will feed all the needed pieces to cut in the colors needed to your machine so all that is left is to assemble the card. The pop out part will cut out as well and all that is needed is to fold it towards the inside of the card to make the pop up happen.


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