Coloring Card with Chameleon Pen

Over this past Memorial Day, I went over to my mom’s and we did a bit of crafting. She had gotten a new stamp and die set Italiana Riviera from Heartfelt Creations and the Chameleon pen set that we haven’t tried. We didn’t start out with the plan to make anything in particular. We were just set to try things out.

The stamp and die set is really cool. It was easier than expected to stamp out the image, color it in and then cut it out with the die. I was pretty impressed. We used the flower shaping kit to pop them out a bit.

The pen set I really enjoyed! I think I still need some practice but I really liked the blending. Overall I don’t think I did bad for my first try. I definitely need to invest in a set of these pens for myself!

I ended up with several grapevines and grapes and put them together in a quick card. I am going to use this card to send to my Grandma, whose birthday is next week!

Vine and Archway Card



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