Custom Dungeons and Dragon Folders

We’ve started a family game of Dungeons and Dragons at our house. At our first game I had it all laid out. I had crocheted dice bags for each player and each a folder to keep their papers and notepads neat and organized.

First DnD Night

It all worked out well for our first game. Everyone had what they needed but I felt like it needed a bit more. I just had no idea what.

I went to the official Dungeons and Dragons web site and downloaded their fan site kit. Along with some great artwork I found in a folder the symbols for the characters and a light bulb went off. I could add vinyl stickers to the front of their folders to customize it to the player’s chosen characters!

The symbols from the fan kit were so simple in design, it was easy to import them as cut files to Cricut Design Space and the rest was just cutting them out using vinyl and adding them to the folders.

DnD Folders

I’m very pleased with how they turned out. I can’t wait for the next game night and show the players their snazzy new character folders!


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