DIY Nail Art Shamrock Stencils

I love nail art video channels on YouTube. I watch the videos using nail vinyls and I kept wondering if I could make some sort of design with my Cricut and vinyl. I finally tried it today for St. Patrick’s day cutting out some shamrocks to put on my nails.

I didn’t know if I should use actual vinyl for the cut outs and decided on trying to use blue painters tape instead. I figured it would be tacky enough to press onto the nail but gentle enough to peel off without ruining the nail polish underneath.

Shamrock Nail VinylI used the sticker paper custom setting on my Cricut Explore and it cut out the tiny shamrocks perfectly on the painters tape. 

Applying my nail vinylI pressed the new stencil to my nail and polished over it. Thanks to my obsessive watching of nail art videos I knew to remove the stencil while the nail polish was still wet. 

Shamrock Nail ArtSuccess! I need a bit more practice to learn how to center it on my nail but it worked! I’m excited to play with my new nail decorating option!


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