True Love Gift Box

Valentine’s Day is also Cathy (of Cathy Crafts) birthday! Happy birthday!! For Oma’s (German for Grandma) birthday my daughter wanted to give a gift that she made all herself. For Christmas she got this Soap Lab kit and we made little heart-shaped soaps out of the molds for the handmade gift.

We then went to the Cricut to make a gift box for the little soaps. I posted the other day that we were able to pick up a Cricut Explore One from Walmart for $74! I also mentioned that my daughter has decided it is her Cricut. She’s already put some Shopkins stickers on it to mark it as hers.

I had her pick out the box and the embellishments she wanted for the box in Cricut Design Space. This little girl was much quicker at picking out what she wants than I am. I will pull in several bits and stare at them for a while before I figure out what I want. Not her. She points at a box, asks me to search for “love”, and picks out an embellishment to put on the box. Done and done.

Making True Love Box

Next we went to cutting. We pulled out the paper we needed and I showed her out to stick it to her mat and load it into the machine. She was really into doing it all herself. She didn’t want me to help at all after showing her once. We did have to cut out one of the “Love” words again, but it was only because it fell off the table and we were not able to find where it flew off to. It was so tiny!

She assembled the whole box by herself with little explanation. In fact, I couldn’t figure out how the bottom of the box folded together and she had to show me! Here is one proud little girl with her gift box for Oma. Every piece of it from the gift inside to the box that is holding it made by her!

True Love Valentine Box

True Love Gift Box Handmade soap in gift box

Cricut Design Space File:

Used in this Project:

  • Cardstock in blue, pink and red
  • Patterned pink paper (for “Love” cut out)

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