Die Cut Organization Binder

My mom and I saw this die cutter plate storage device and we both thought it was super clever to use magnets to hold and store the die cuts. We also thought it was a great idea to store them more secure location. I had all mine in a storage drawer so putting it in a protected case seemed better and less likely to get my dies bent out of shape.

While the case seemed good and is reasonably priced, I wasn’t really in love with trying to find a spot for another hard case. Plus the case only came with 3 sheets and looking at $6-$7 for each additional 3-sheet pack.

We brainstormed a bit and came up with our own solution we could make and reasonably expand on as our die collection continues to grow. My favorite part of our solution is it’s a regular binder that we can store in a bookcase with ease.

DIY Die Cut Plate StorageSupplies:

Everything we purchased for our organizer cost $15.63 and had enough supplies for 4 pages and the potential to easily add 11 more pages. All we need to do is purchase more magnetic sheet packs and $1.97 for 2 sheets is easy for expanding!

I purchased the dividers but I don’t really own enough dies to use them quite yet. I did buy it though so I included it in my total above even though you won’t see it in my pictures.

The magnetic sheets work brilliantly. The metal die plates stick to them and hold them into place. I can stand the binder up and everything stays in place. The sheets easily slide out and the dies lift up with no problem. I’m super excited for our new DIY die cutting plate storage solution!

DIY Die Plate Storage
DIY Die Cut Plate Organization


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