Elf on the Shelf Ideas Using the Cricut Explore

Our elf on the shelf is named Crystal and our family loves her and her daily surprises all December long. Like the Tooth Fairy, we give our elf permission to use our craft supplies if needed for her antics.

Here are some of the surprises Crystal performed last season using our Cricut Explore machine.

Note: I do have a digital subscription to Design Space and some of these files use subscription images. It will tell you if you need to purchase any images when you go to cut the file.

Candy Cane Hunt

The font used in this project is actually a special font made for Elf on the Shelf antics created in the iOS app iFontMaker that we described using in our fridge vinyl post. It can easily be replaced for your own font or if you are welcome to download a copy of our Elf on the Shelf font.

Candy Cane Hunt Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/22620313

Candy Cane Hunt

Elf Kissing Booth

Our elf had a bit of minor surgery to make her bendable and easier to be posed. This is a simple boxed made out of cute patterned paper. The Cricut Explore drew just the outline for the wording and the rest had to be colored in by hand. It was simple to put together and a real hit!

Kissing Booth Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/22168611

Elf Kissing Booth

Mustache You A Question

This is a joke my daughter thought very funny that our elf couldn’t help but include in one of her surprises. It’s a simple mustache image from the Billionaire Digital Set and attached to a wooden skewer. One elf size and one kiddo sized for fun play!

Mustache for Elf and Me Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/29052687


Paper Elf Dolls

We had a family trip to Chicago in December and naturally our elf followed us on the journey with her surprises. She brought little paper elf versions of our family for her to play with. My daughter was anticipating her favorite elf’s visit and left a note for her and Crystal responded.

Paper Elf Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/22620030

Paper Elves

Train Hauling Paper Trees

One of the items we set up and played with was this old train set from her grandpa and Crystal couldn’t resist playing, too. She made some paper trees to haul on the train lines.

Crystal forgot to save the file for this one but it’s super easy for you to recreate. It uses the 3D Christmas Tree file from the Tablescapes Fall & Winter Digital Set made in a variety of sizes and colors of green. This file is included in a digital subscription to Design Space.

Paper Trees

Elf Pirate Day

Crystal pretended to be a pirate complete with a map and an eye patch. The Treasure Chest Treat Box was left over from another game we had played and was re-purposed for pirate day. Although I’m sure it could be made with the Cricut Explore as well!

The eye patch was attached with a small piece of thread tied behind Crystals’ head.

Pirate Day Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/22620153

Pirate Elf 1

Toilet Paper Snowman

This was another item Crystal made while in a hotel room. She had to get inventive and bring stuff from home for these trips! She also reminds her elf friends not to forget to bring the adhesive to stick it to the toilet paper!

Snowman Face Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/29052573

TP Snowman 1


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