Gift Ideas for Crafters – 2015

Crafter Gift Guide 2015

Have you got a crafter on your gift list and not sure what to get him or her? This post will give you some ideas or perhaps just a little inspiration to guide you in the right direction of what your crafter probably would like this holiday season.

Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore Air Bundle

I’ve had my Cricut Explore Machine for a little over a year now and I had no idea much I would have this as my go-to tool. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who does any kind of paper crafting from scrapbooking to card making. But it does so much more than paper! You can cut vinyl, fabric, poster board, leather, even light weight wood! It has opened up an entire new world of possibilities for me and my crafting!

There a couple versions now available.


I received this machine for Christmas last year (before that I was borrowing my mom’s!) and I use it in my card making all the time! It is great for layering and adding textures and added interested pieces to your projects!

Gift Cards

Any crafter is going to love the opportunity to walk into a craft store and pick up the items she loves or needs. Your best bet is to buy a gift card for a craft store closest to you but there are many online options if nothing is close by.

Gift cards can be purchased almost anywhere these days so it’s not only something that will be loved, it’s super convenient!

Self Healing Mat

I crafted for years without a cutting mat and I am never going back to not having a mat. A nice big mat is needed for cutting and the handy measurements printed on the mat is useful time and again. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. I’d recommend getting the biggest mat that will fit in her crafting area.

Glue Gun Stand

The little wire stand built into most glue guns are pretty precarious and easy to tip over. If they have a glue gun (or if they are like me have several) having a secure stand to hold their glue gun without fear of setting the house on fire is great. This glue gun stand is a perfect solution that will be appreciated!

Xacto Knife Set

A good xacto knife set is pretty essential to any crafter. Even if you have a good pair of scissors or a fancy cutting machine, there are times you just need a sharp little pen knife like this to get out the little intricate bits.

Crafting Storage

Every crafter out there is always looking for a convenient way to organize and store their crafting supplies.

There is no shortage of options for crafting storage. Any crafting store will have a whole section dedicated to it but even typical department store storage solutions can be used in crafting areas as well!

Here are some suggestions from me!

Everything Mary Papercraft Storage Collection

Scoring Board

This one is actually on my gift list this year! My mom has one of these and uses it a lot for all sorts of projects from making cards and envelopes to building her own paper craft 3D items!


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