Baby Bib Fabric Iron-Ons

My brother-in-law down in Texas has a new beautiful baby girl that we are going to be able to meet and hold for the first time over the Thanksgiving holiday. I adore babies and cannot wait!

I wanted to make some special custom bibs for the little one and originally was thinking about pulling out some of my heat transfer vinyl when I read a couple articles about using fabric scraps for iron on. I had to try it.

I read a couple different ways to do this. This is what I ended up doing but feel free to play around and see what gives you the best results. I purchased a bib pack, Heat’n Bond for my iron on adhesive, and a couple fat quarters from my local craft store.

I ended up not using a lot of the fat quarters and instead went into my fabric stash. Just because the patterns I picked out (while adorable) didn’t pop enough on the bibs, in my opinion. So the fat quarters became more embellishments than the main focus like I had imagined.

I added the heat’n bond to the fabric scraps as instructed on the packaging. Making sure the good side of the fabric was pointing out. It was time to cut out a design on the fabric!

Reverse Image with Fabric Setting

I started with something simple. An “e” for the new baby girl’s name. I picked a font I liked in design space and before cutting I reversed the image. I did this thinking it would be better to cut on the back side of the image instead of the front like we do with the heat transfer vinyl. I’ve seen blog posts of folks who cut it without reversing so do as you please, this is just what I did.

E cut out of fabric on reverseI placed my fabric face down with the fusing paper sticking up on a strong grip mat. I’m certain the paper backing could have been removed. Some of the items i tried really tore up this paper backing but it still cut the fabric just fine so I left it be as a visual reminder that this was the side that needed to be pointing up on the mat.

I set my dial to fabric and used my normal cutting blade. It cut out pretty well. I trimmed the little fly-aways before ironing it on to the bib.

E bibThis is my first and it was using the fat quarter fabrics I cut out.  While it worked fine, I felt it didn’t really stand out on the bib. This is when I went to my fabric stash. Now that I’ve seen it successfully work, I had a bigger idea in mind!

As I mentioned, the new little sweet baby lives in Texas and I’m up here in Michigan.

I wanted to make something for her to show she has folks who love her in Michigan. I didn’t want to leave the Texas family out either so I designed up a Texas and Michigan pattern.

Michigan and Texas Bibs

I followed the exact same process as used above and layered the scraps on top of each other to add the heart on top of the state outline.

I have tried peeling it up and they seem pretty darn sturdy. The heat’n bond is machine washable but we will see how long they last given how often baby bibs end up being washed and rewashed!

I’m really pleased how these turned out and can’t wait to see my new little niece!

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