Matchbox Dresser

This a cute and pretty easy project.  I bought small matchboxes at Wal-Mart. Costs less than a $1.00.

First I painted the sides and front of the inside of the matchbox black. I then glued decorative paper to the front and added some drawer pulls. (Tim Holz at Michael’s)

Making a minature dresser out of a set of matchboxes.

Rubberband the matchbox dresser together while it dries.

Glue the matchboxes together. I used just regular craft glue. Then I wrapped rubber band around them to keep them square. I lost one of the drawer pulls. Had to buy another pack.

I measured and cut chip board to cover the sides, top and bottom. I found chip board at Hobby Lobby.

Matchbox Dresser
Matchbox Dresser

Inked the edges with black ink.

Matchbox Dresser

I decided to finish off the inside of the drawers

Matchbox Dresser
Added some beads for legs and small piece of card stock at the bottom to finish it off.

Fun project. Give it a try.


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