Happy Birthday Balloon Card

I am a planner and delight in being organized but sometimes things sneak up on me as well. So I want to make it clear that this card is not my design. This is one of those cards that springs out of the desperation of “oh no so-and-so‘s birthday is tomorrow!” I know I can’t be the only one who has these horrific realizations at 10 pm.

So I did what any panicked but perfectly capable crafter would do. TO PINTEREST!!

I ended up finding this video by Lorrie Nunemaker and not only was it a super cute and easy to make card; I learned something new! I never once thought about using the pen tool to create a border or a shadow. Genius!

I followed her instruction and while my card didn’t have her fabulous sparkle paper, it turned out totally cute. Now I’m ready for the birthday and feeling confident my card is up to par.

Happy Birthday Balloon Card

I recommend you take a moment to watch Lorri’s video as I found it worth while. If you are here looking for a quick card like I was, I have shared the link to the Cricut Design Space file made from Lorri’s design below for your use. I did end up buying the Happy Birthday cut from the Beyond Birthdays® Digital Set but all other items were part of my design space subscription.

Cricut Design Space File: Happy Birthday Balloon Card

Used in this Project:


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