Meal Plan Stencil for Cupboard

I’ve been busy lately trying to re-finish my kitchen cupboards. They were this sea-foam green color that I just was not digging. I spruced them up with some molding I purchased at Home Depot and some Annie Sloan chalk paint. I am very pleased with the transition so far.

Cupboards Before and After

The kitchen isn’t done yet, just this little side section but I can see the end goal and it is motivating me to finish! But this isn’t what this post is about.

Right now I create a meal plan every week and we have a white board stuck to the fridge where I write it up each week. I make the plan and do the grocery shopping and my husband does the cooking so it helps keep us all in sync.

I wanted to free up that fridge space by putting my meal plan right on one of my new cupboards. I purchased some chalkboard paint and painted up the middle of one of the doors.

Chalkboard paint is kind of rubbery. I didn’t know that. I tried taping off the sides to help make it cleaner but the paint just came off in a big bendy sheet when I tried to peel the paint away. So I instead went back in to try to carefully paint without the painters tape.

Chalkboard Cupboard

Next I went to my Cricut Design Space to make up a Meal Plan stencil I could paint on the door. I make up a full pattern to the width of my door including the writing lines but I ended up just freestyling the lines with a ruler.

I cut the stencil out of cardstock careful to keep the inner letter pieces and designs I would need. I then used some Easy Tack to stick the stencil to the cupboard so I could paint over it. This worked great but I kinda went overkill when adding the paint and pieces got a little more paint the necessary. A little touch ups with more chalkboard paint and I was done.

Meal Plan Stencil

Cupboards After

I let it dry overnight and wrote up our meal plan in the morning. I plan on using the space at the bottom for reminders we may need up in our faces like field trips requiring cold lunches.

It looks a little rustic and I think it is perfect addition to my new kitchen upgrade!

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