Zoo Day Brown Bag Lunch

My daughter’s day care class is taking a field trip today to a local zoo. I was instructed to provide her lunch in a brown paper bag with her name on it so they won’t worry about losing lunch boxes.

I ended up getting a bit carried away and decorated the bag!

The background graphic is actually from design space but it wouldn’t print at the size I wanted it because of the print than cut limitations. I ended up just taking a screen capture of the image and then printed the image in the size I wanted onto the bag.

It took me a couple tries before I got the paper bag through the printer completely and printed on the correct side. It was all crinkly going in and I was scared it would get jammed in the printer but it didn’t. Because it was all crinkly it didn’t print solid like it would on regular paper and the result was a sort of distressed ink look. I totally love it even though it was not done on purpose. Happy accident!

The Zoo Day cut out was available with my Design Space subscription using the Zoo Day Digital Set. I had my cricut draw her name on an oval cut out and I colored it in to with the tiger stripes.

My original idea was to have the name tag and elephant on the top of the bag and I would staple it shut. I had cut out a full oval with her name on it for this reason. I changed my mind though and decided to glue it to the bottom of the bag so I sliced the oval down a bit. 

It did make my daughter’s eyes light up this morning and she’s super excited for the trip. I think it was worth the few minutes.

Used in this project:


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