Back to School: Personalized Lunchbox and Containers

I’ve begun prepping for back to school! My daughter attends big girl all day school this year and we so I’ve customized her lunch time pieces so that they are fun… and hopefully they make it home with her!

Lunch Containers

First I purchased this Fit & Fresh Kids’ Reusable Lunch Container Kit from Amazon for her food containers. They came with all these sizes and two of the containers contains an ice pack that fits into the lid.

Lunch Containers


On the containers I used Oracal 651 Outdoor Vinyl. I’m hoping this vinyl will be able to handle the dishwasher, at least on the top rack. There is no way I’m going to be hand washing all this stuff all year round.

From what I have read on blogs and craft groups, this vinyl should hold up in the dishwasher if allowed to cure at least 24-hours before the first wash and if you don’t use super hot settings. We’ll shall see!


Next I purchased her this Insulated Dual Compartment Bento Box Lunch Bag as her lunch box.  We’ve done the character lunch boxes for daycare and maybe we’re just really hard on lunch boxes but they just don’t seem to last very long at all. So this year I got her a cute pink functional (and hopefully durable) lunchbox.


It does look like a normal lunch box in person, I promise! It’s just a little squashed from shipping!

I customized the lunchbox with some heat transfer viny on the bottoml. I picked a green vinyl and used the super cute font “Robotz” that I wished I had seen earlier because I totally would have added it on the containers as well!

Since it was just a simple straight line patch of iron on, I applied it with my regular iron and not the heat press. Went on pretty smoothly!

Back to school lunch prep is complete!


  1. thetalkingdramakrishnan says:

    did the vinyl last on the tiffins in the dishwasher ? Please let us know!


    • They did actually. This post was made in 2015 and today in 2017 I still have a couple of these containers still in use with the labels firmly attached. They were top rack dishwasher only but have stayed on without issue.


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