Karate Girl Water Bottle

My daughter has being taking taekwondo and I wanted to make her a personalized water bottle for her training.

I wanted a karate kick silhouette but was not successful searching for a SVG file, well not for a girl silhouette anyway. There may have been some I ignored because I was looking for a girl! So I ended up making my own SVG file for this one. There were plenty of free karate kick silhouette clip art, even of girls so it was just a matter of picking my favorite.

Karate Girl Design Space

I used the Sure Cuts A Lot program to convert the clip art into an SVG file and uploaded it to design space. I cannot share my design space file because of the SVG used but I have included a link to the SVG file for your personal use below.

The water bottle I picked up at the Dollar Tree in a nice girly pink color. I think it looks pretty darn cool and she can’t wait for next class to use it!

Karate Water Bottle Karate Water Bottle

Used in this project:



  1. […] using this older water bottle we had purchased but the top broke on it. Since I’ve made her a custom water bottle for karate class already, she was quick to put in her order for a Scooby Doo water […]


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