4th of July Decorative Banner

I made this banner to add some decoration to our family 4th of July party. I thought it would look great hanging up pool side or on the gazebo at mom’s house. This banner was fully designed in Cricut Explore Design Space and I’ll share the link to my file for your use below!

Fourth of July Banner - Front

I could have made it out of cardstock but I decided it would be cheaper to buy a big poster board in each of the colors needed.  I had to cut down the poster board so it would fit on my Cricut mat. I had to use the custom setting on the Cricut Explore to choose the poster board cut setting. It cut and scored everything well.

Fourth of July Banner - Left

I used my laminator and reactive foil to give the star in the corner a little shine to it. I love making bits shiny!

Fourth of July Banner - Right

This was my first time ever making the rosettes with my Cricut Explore. I started out cutting too few of the lattice pieces and had to go back and cut more. I have fixed the design space file with the correct number of pieces needed. By the time I got to the “Y” I was a bona fide rosette making expert.

Paper DistresserTo add some interest to the blue center circle I distressed the edges with my paper distresser and then ran it through my paper crimper to give it a bit of texture.

I then added the ribbon trying to make it appear like a bit of firework splash. After putting all this together, it was applying the ribbon where I ended up burning my finger with the hot glue gun. I’m fine. This happens every darn time I use that tool!

The tops of the banners had a piece that folds over and I glued that down on a strip of burlap for my string.

Cricut Design Space File: https://us.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/28972963

Used in this project:


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