Letter from Tooth Fairy

Whenever my daughter looses a tooth we allow the Tooth Fairy to use our Cricut Explore if she would like to leave a little note to go along with the treat!

The letter from the Tooth Fairy is just a little note tucked into a tiny envelope and left with the surprise the Tooth Fairy exchanges for the baby tooth.

My daughter recently lost another baby tooth so it was time for a visit from our tiny tooth loving fairy friend. This time around the tooth popped out while enjoying some corn on the cob and we weren’t able to find it. We believe she may have accidentally swallowed the baby tooth!

The same Cricut Design Space file is used for each note and the message is changed for the current events. This makes the Tooth Fairy’s note making job pretty simple. The crayon in the picture is there just to show the size of the letter. It is very small!

Toothfairy Letter

A cricut font with a writing style that looked whimsical and fairy-like was used on the letter. For the super tiny wording I used what has ended up being my favorite to use on the Cricut Explore (so far) Recollections Masterpiece II Markers. They are dual ended and the extra fine point side is absolutely perfect for this small print. Plus the markers fit perfectly in the Cricut Explore without any adapters needed. I believe I picked my set up at Michaels.

The little tooth fairy is an SVG file that was loaded into the Design Space software. I wish I remembered where it was I originally downloaded this SVG file so you may use it. I created this design space file so many months ago I had no luck re-locating the source site. If you know where an SVG or perhaps another fun tooth fairy file is located, please share it!

My daughter loves the little notes from the Tooth Fairy and keeps them in her jewelry box. It is such a simple little project and such a fun way to celebrate!



  1. […] shelf is named Crystal and our family loves her and her daily surprises all December long. Like the Tooth Fairy, we give our elf permission to use our craft supplies if needed for her […]


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