Easy Letter Stencils

My daughter received a Crayola Marker Airbrush set for her birthday and she really likes it. It uses markers and a hand pump air canister to create airbrushed artwork. It came with a set of stencils to create her own pictures and designs and she’s been making everyone pictures.

The only thing she said she wished it had come with was letter stencils so she could add messages to her artwork. I had a flash and said, “I can make you that with the cricut!!

We dismantled a cereal box to use as our stencil board and picked out a font to use. In Design Space I used the font edit tools to adjust the letter and line spacing to make sure all the letters were spread out enough to allow to allow to spray one letter at a time.

To cut, I used my regular blade, strong grip mat (purple one) and used the custom cut setting for light chipboard. It cut out like a dream!

Easy Alphabet Template

We even tried a t-shirt to make her own custom design and message using the stencils and the airbrush set.

What a Sunny Day

If I were to do it over, I probably would look to find a font that is stencil ready so it’ll show like the center of the letter O’s and such. Even so, what we picked out worked out wonderfully and now we are getting messages along with our artwork!


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