Band Logo Vinyl for Bass Drum

My brother is a drummer in a band and he is also fascinated by my Cricut Explore. Seriously. Every time we use it and he’s around he just stares at it trying to figure it out. He asks a million questions about what it can and can’t cut. I have a feeling we need to keep an eye on him or else we’ll find the Cricut taken a part due to his curiosity!

This time my brother asked if it could make a very detailed cut like his band’s logo. He wanted to put a sticker of it on his bass drum but needed it to be thin enough to not affect the drum’s sound. I showed him the vinyl I had and he said it would work great. So now we just need the logo in a cuttable file.

His band’s logo was very detailed. It felt like it took forever to make sure all the necessary detail was going to be cut out properly. It was a lot of uploading the svg file to design space, looking at what was wrong and going back to fix the cut file. A lot of this was probably me. I had never attempted something so complex and I didn’t really know what I was doing 100% of the time. It was a lot of trial and error.

When completed, the logo was pretty big and took the design space software a while to load. I’m not great with the patience thing but I was able to avoid the computer long enough for it to load without me messing with it.

The cut also took quite a while. It was a lot of little cuts all over and I did it on a full 12×12 sheet of vinyl so it could be as big as possible on the bass drum.

Midnight Train Logo

In the end, it did turn out great. My brother was super happy with the drum and said his band members were all excited to see the customization. In fact, they’ve asked for smaller vinyl versions to be made to add to their guitars!


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