Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is just this Sunday, May 10th. This is the card I made for my mom (the “Cathy” of Cathy Crafts!).

I had never tried the 3D cuts available in Cricut and I was eager to give it a shot. I found these circular flowers available in the Flower Shoppe cartridge. This is included in the Design Space subscription.  This is the design I came up with. I’ve shared a link to this Design Space file below for you!

Mothers Day Card Design Space


After cutting out I stared at the 3D flower pieces in a sort of “now what” sort of look. So I went to YouTube to look for a video tutorial and it did not disappoint.  I found this video showing how they curl the flower from the outside in. I didn’t have the quilling tool that she showed in the video an I ended up using a q-tip as the smallest item I could find to curl the item. I didn’t glue as I went , I let the flower sort of release after curling before gluing down on the end tab.

Here is the finished card.

Happy Mother's Day Card

Cricut Design Space File:


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