Disney Kickin’ It Shirt

I have shared in the past how my daughter loves Disney’s Lab Rats show and I made her a special t-shirt for when she met one of the actors. Lab Rats still remains her favorite tv show but when she’s taking a break from watching Lab Rats endlessly on Netflix, she’ll usually switch to another Disney show she loves called “Kickin’ It”.

Kickinit Vinyl Pieces

I can’t get enough of using the heat transfer vinyl so I went ahead and made her a custom Kickin’ It shirt as well.

I made the design myself using Sure Cuts A Lot program. It was actually the first thing I ever tried to make into a cut file. I thought I was pretty safe with this simple design. I’ve shared the SVG file with you below for your own Kickin’ It fan!

For the iron-on material you have to remember to mirror it and cut it with the back of the vinyl up on the Cricut mat. I haven’t messed this up yet but I am certain it is coming. I am very nervous about wasting good vinyl!

Kickin' It Heat PressThe design had three layers. One for the shadow in the background, the green lettering (showing the white back above) and the little karate kicker guy.

You have to put the layers on one a time; pressing each layer to tack it down before adding the next. For the middle layer, I didn’t end up holding it down for the full count. Just enough to make sure it would peal up without issue. I was going to have to put the little karate guy on last and knew I could get a good full press with that last step.

And here’s the end result. Not bad at all for a homemade shirt! Little girl loves it and wants to wear it all the time, especially on days she goes to Taekwondo!

Kickin' It Shirt

Kickin’ It SVG File – for personal use only


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