Cricut Font Cartridges Sale

Cricut is having a sale on their font cartridges including the digital cartridge that is connected to your Cricut account.

Here are some samples of font packs available for $19.99 or less on Cricut’s website.

Cricut Classic Font Digital Set: $13.33 USD
Disney® Mickey Font Digital Set
: $19.99 USD

Disney® Pooh Font Digital Set
: $19..99 USD

Calligraphy Collection Digital Set
: 19.99 USD

It is wonderful that we are able to use our own system fonts in our designs but sometimes having a font designed for the Cricut, or getting some officially licensed character fonts is so handy on projects!

Amazon is also showing the Cricut Font Cartridges on sale. However, you should note that this will be a physical cartridge that you insert into your machine and link to your account. Amazon does not have digital sets available. Nothing wrong with linking it, just want to make it clear in case you were hoping it would immediately show up in your account like it does when purchasing from Cricut.


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