Batman Pop Up Box Card

This birthday card is for my Batman loving brother. I ran my dude test on this card by showing it to my husband first and his reaction was proof my brother is going to love it. I cannot wait for his birthday!

Batman Pop Up Box Card


I had to download an SVG file for the Batman logo. I found this logo available as a free download from all-free-download. I will have to remember this site for the future as there was a nice listing of Batman SVG files available.

A great design space file for a basic box card is available from The Non-Crafty Crafter. Check out her post for link to the design space file link as well as directions for putting it together.

For the pow and crash items is from the Word Collage cartridge, which is included in the Design Space subscription. It is attached to some acetate to make it stand up / float in the middle of the card. I actually just saved some of the plastic containers used in toy packaging since it seems nearly all has it included so I didn’t have to buy any material. My finished card folds up and fits in a 5 x 5 square envelope.


  1. Is there a tutorial for this?


    • Instructions and a link to the design space file is in a link in the post. I used an existing file and decorated it batman style.


  2. Do you make this to sell?


  3. thanks for the file really cool!


  4. Theresa Bell says:

    I love making these box cards, I made one for my daughters wedding and it turned out beautiful. They are so easy to make too.



  1. […] I used the same Batman logo I downloaded from all-free-download that I used for the Batman Pop Up Box Card. […]


  2. […] Batman Pop Up Box Card from […]


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