Vinyl Bedroom Princess Decoration

Bed Before VinylWe purchased a brand new bedroom set for my daughter and one of the sides of the bed was a big beautiful blank space perfect for customizing with vinyl.

I immediately started planning what I could make to put on the front to make this brand new bed even more special. I’ve never used vinyl on a project this large so it was going to be a new challenge for me!

I plotted out my design in Cricut Design Space. I used the new “Align Bottom” option to line up the letters. How did we live without this before?! Then welded the letters together to make a single cursive word. The “P” and “E” remaining separate.

Princess Elizabeth Design Space

I then had to go back and break up “lizabeth” because as a single word, it was too large for a regular 12 x 12 sheet at the size I wanted.. So I planned instead on a cut for “liz” and “abeth” and prayed I could properly line them up when sticking them up.

The large oval frame I set to 11.5″ tall so I could cut out the biggest version I could on my 12 x 12 vinyl sheet.

I actually had originally planned on some more permanent vinyl (Oracle 651) but my mom had a very convincing argument that my daughter will change her taste and I’ll be happier if I can remove it and change the design with her interests. This is exactly why I ask my mom her opinion!  So I ordered instead some removable vinyl (Oracle 631) for the project.

I cut it all out with my Cricut Explore and then I had a decision. It was already pretty late at night. My daughter was fast asleep in her new bed. But I was really excited to try this and didn’t want to wait. So I went all stealth ninja mommy mode and when the lamp didn’t wake her, I just started in working as silently as I could. It ended up a nice surprise for her when she woke up!

Elizabeth on BedI was really nervous about sticking it to the bed. If I had it all set and stepped back and noticed it was crooked, I’m pretty sure I would die a little inside. Before placing it on the bed, I took some time to very carefully measure and lightly mark with a pencil where I wanted to place the pieces. Starting with the center of the piece for the frame and lining out where the bottom of the letters would go.

Before pressing it down I sort of soft tacked it to the side and stepped back and looked. Then measured again. And then stepped back again. You get the idea. I was terrified of messing this up.

Custom vinyl cut with the #Cricut to decorate the side wall of child's bed.

It seems that all my checking paid off because it does look pretty darn straight! I am super proud of how it turned out!

Custom vinyl cut with the #Cricut to decorate the side wall of child's bed.

Used in this project:
All images used are available with the Design Space subscription.


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