Cricut Design Space Updates April 22, 2015

Cricut has some more great Design Space and iPad updates coming our way launching this Wednesday, April 22nd! The updates will require some scheduled downtime while they load in the new Design Space features and fixes.

Scheduled Downtime:
Tuesday, April 21 10pm MT – Wednesday, April 22nd 2am MT.

I found this great video by Cara Miller sharing some of the improvements we will find on Wednesday!

Design Space Updates:

  • Insert Shapes: Add basic shapes and score line image in an easy side menu.
  • The image handles (when you select the image) have been re-sized and remain the same size even when zoomed in. Also the image handles disappear when moving the image around to allow you to see the entire image when positioning on the screen.
  • Aligning multiple objects / texts.This will be great when trying to center items in a shape; no longer needing to use the canvas borders as a guide.
  • Also in the align menu there is a new option to distribute images (horizontal or vertical) will space out objects evenly on the canvas.

iPad Updates:

  • On the mat preview, images will be displayed with a yellow border if they are positioned too close or are overlapping each other. Images outlined in yellow can still be cut as displayed; the yellow line just serves as a warning that they’re close to each other.


  1. […] plotted out my design in Cricut Design Space. I used the new “Align Bottom” option to line up the letters. How did we live without this before?! Then welded the letters together to […]


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