Flextangle Paper Toy

It’s the end of spring break and we needed a morning activity to keep us busy. I saw on BabbleDabbleDo these cool folding paper toys and even though Ana has a free pattern on her site, I challenged myself to make it on the Cricut.

Success! I was able to make it with basic free shapes using the welding and slicing tools to get the shape needed for the project. That makes this design space file completely free for all to cut!! No subscription or additional cartridges required! The link to the shared file is available below.

I cut the pattern out of just plain white card stock since we wanted to color it. Be sure to insert your scoring tool to get all the score lines! Once it was done scoring and cutting we colored it up saving the glue areas blank

Coloring our Flextangle Pattern Flextangle-Colored

My pattern wasn’t a perfect fit. After gluing there was a slight overlap on the tops which we simply trimmed off. I’m sure it’s probably due to the score lines not being 100% perfect or te top of the shape not an exact fit but it was a small enough trim that we didn’t worry about it.

Trim the Edges

Glue the ends together and then it’s the hard part. Waiting long enough to dry so we could try it out!

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Paper Toys: Flextangles

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If you need any help with the gluing, BabbleDabbleDo has a great video tutorial on her post. Let me know if you try out the design space cut file and how yours turn out!

Paper Toy: Flextangle

Flextangle Cricut Design Space File:

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