Vinyl Snack Label for the Fridge

My goal for this project was to make it easy for my daughter to grab for herself some healthy snacks in the house when she would like one without needing a parent to help her get it. She still has to ask for a cookie but can help her self to treats like fresh fruit, cheese sticks, applesauce, fruit cups or yogurt. So I cleared out one of the lower door shelves in the refrigerator and declared it her snack drawer.

I couldn’t just leave it at that. I mean sure it’s functional but it needs to be labeled so we remember to reserve that space plus I can glance at in the drawer while making the grocery list to see if she needs any replenishing.

I planned on labeling it for her with some vinyl. Then I had the idea of why just make it out of some cutesy font when it could be my daughter’s actual little handwriting!

I downloaded iFontMaker on my iPad (sorry they don’t have any android version but I’m sure there are similar apps or programs available). This app makes it super easy to trace letters to make your own font.

My daughter was super into it! I sat her down with the app and a stylus and thought it would take a couple tries to get a full font from her since you have to do all capital and small letters, numbers, punctuation, etc. She loved it and made me a font all in one go and then asked to make more where she got creative and added swirls to her letters. They turned out super cute!

Creating a Font with AnyFont

Anyfont then will send your letters to their website and can send you a link to go download your font zip file. I can then load the font to my PC and it becomes available to use in the Cricut Design Space software!

With my new font, I loaded up Design Space and made a simple label and an arrow to point to her special snack drawer. I cut it out of regular vinyl and transferred it to the inside of my refrigerator door.

And ta da! Her snack drawer is complete and even labeled in her very own handwriting!

Elizabeth Snack Drawer



  1. […] used in this project is actually a special font made for Elf on the Shelf antics created in the iOS app iFontMaker that we described using in our fridge vinyl post. It can easily be replaced for your own font or if you are welcome to download a copy of our Elf on […]


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