Tardis Birthday Card

My husband’s birthday is today and I wanted to share the Dr. Who birthday card I made for him.  If you are a Dr. Who fan you will recognize the card s the TARDIS, the Doctor’s space craft / time machine.

I had to find an SVG file to load into my Cricut to make this card. I ended up using the free SVG file offered by Something to Craft About. Unfortunately I am unable to share the Design Space file because it uses an SVG file.

Tardis Card in Design Space

After putting it in the Design Space, I made a duplicate of the Tardis design and welded the sides together to make it a folded card. For the Police Box sign on top, I making a picture and added it as a print then cut file.

After cutting everything out, I glued it all together and it came out looking like this:

Tardis Card

I wanted to stay with the Dr. Who theme for the inside as well so I looked up and found the Turkish Map Fold that collapses in and decided it was perfect for the Tardis card to show that it s bigger on the inside!

Tardis Card


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