Cinderella Stepper Card

My daughter’s 6th birthday is coming up and she loves princesses! Her birthday party is going to be themed Cinderella and I made a card to go along with the theme.

I first saw this card and design space file on a Facebook group post but I was unable to get her file to open properly and if I could open it, it wouldn’t cut without requiring me to purchase extra shapes I didn’t think I needed. But I really really liked the design she had and I was just stubborn enough to re-make it with shapes I didn’t have to purchase (included in DS subscription).

I think my persistence paid off! It is make mostly with lighter cardstock so it won’t be too thick to stick in an envelope. Most of the pieces are print then cut instead of piecing them together.

I’m super happy with the card and I have the link to the modified DS file available for you to use if you would like as well. I just used a regular 5×5 envelope file to make the envelope.

Cinderella Stepper Card

Cinderella Stepper Card Design Space File:

The Disney® Happily Ever After Cartridge is required to cut the file as is. All other shapes used in the file are included in a Design Space subscription.



  1. […] mentioned earlier when I shared my Cinderella Card that my daughter is turning 6-years old next week and I’ve been busy on my Cricut creating […]


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