Monogrammed Bags

The new heat press arrived and we were excited to try it out. We had purchased a couple of bags from Jo-Ann’s on clearance and decided we’d try our first heat transfer vinyl project on those. We wanted something simple but still elegant for the bags. Simple because we didn’t know what we were doing but still classy because we wanted to use the bags!

We decided on a monogram. But with iron glitter vinyl of course! Everything’s better with glitter! First step was to cut the vinyl out using our Cricut Explore. Iron-On can be a bit tricky. You have to remember to mirror the image and remember to place the vinyl on glossy side down so the vinyl gets cut.

Weeding the Iron On VinylCricut Design Space does alert you if you have the dial set to Iron-On but you haven’t mirrored the image. It’s a nice little sanity check before you cut the vinyl incorrectly!

After cutting weed out the pieces you don’t need and leave the rest on the transfer sheet.

Next we brought out the bag. We warmed on the heat press for a few seconds as we read that helps the vinyl adhere better. If it made a difference we have no idea but better safe than sorry!

The bags had a plastic lining so we put some of the Teflon paper inside to make sure when we heat pressed the image down we didn’t end up sealing the bag shut. One of the bags we didn’t get the paper all the way down and little bits at the bottom did melt together, we were able to carefully pry them apart but learn from our mistake and make sure you get the Teflon sheet all the way inside!

Heat Press VinylLine up the image on the bag where you would like it and then we set in the heat press machine. Iron would work as well obviously but new toy and we were ready to heat press something!

It worked great! Other than the minor mishap with the bits of one melting a bit, the bags were perfect and now customized and ready for use! Not bad for a clearance rack bag!

Monogramed Bags

We are totally hooked on the heat press and started excitedly chatting away on what we will be making next!!


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